the homes of farmers



To promote and discover more ways of increasing food production through scientific research methods and also the the production of raw materials for industries and other consumables required for healthy living through sustainable agriculture.

Educate the public on the merits of practicing agriculture to help build and maintain food production in the world.

Through our extensive research we will always give reliable reports and assistants to agriculturists and also publish the latest developments in agriculture to help encourage and inform the farmers on the new developments in agriculture.

Provision of project and research materials is made available for further studies.


Our mission is aimed at eradicating food scarcity by massive production of the African Yam Bean and domestication of Grasscutter which helps to increase more food supply to the society.

Production of Snails, Moringa and Fish , and its products are important sources of raw materials to the medical and cosmetic industries. We aim at increasing the supply of raw materials to industries and embarking on more intensive research on the therapeutic and medical uses of our products to help increase life span of people.

Production of Goat milk to help in augmenting the production of milk across the globe.

Education is one of our priorities, we educate farmers, young people, and entrepreneurs on the need embark on agriculture and agric-related business because it will help to increase the standard of living of a nation.